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Coaching & Programmes

There is no one size fits all. Whatever we do together will be customised for your specific objectives

One-on-One Coaching

In your leadership coaching journey we work together to progress your goals, whether that is growing the effectiveness of your business or domain of responsibility, achieving personal growth, dealing with specific challenges and even career transitions.


There are two types of coaching: short-term situational coaching for  handling a particular issue, and strategic coaching for longer-term growth and strategic achievement

High-Performance Masterminds

A group of like-minded individuals wanting to leverage the power of peer coaching to achieve their goals.


Everybody gets a full session in the hot seat to flesh out their challenges and strategic objectives.


You also get focused time every two weeks for support from your peers and coach. Think of it as your personal board of advisors.

Business Growth Action Groups

This is a Mastermind on steroids. 2 sessions monthly for 5 months with a group of equally-motivated peers who can learn from your experience and share their own.


You get focused hot seat sessions, 1-on-1 coaching and 5 business and personal growth masterclasses.  It’s all about accountability with a focus on actions and results. 

Business Growth Action Groups can also be run in-house.

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