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The Communication Skills Experience
90% Black Friday Discount plus Bonuses
$2040 value for $199

Have you noticed how critical effective communication skills are in day to day business?


Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to enhance your communication skills, in 6 weeks or less, so that your relationships improve greatly and all your communications are clear and effective, boosting your leadership presence.


Imagine feeling confident in every interaction because you know you are an effective communicator, not only putting your message across clearly, but also fully understanding what the other person is saying.

Find out how to communicate effectively with your colleagues, friends and family without being judgemental by using this insider technique.

if you feel poor communication has undermined any relationships, discover how to resolve that  even if it seems you have tried everything before.

How to avoid misunderstandings by becoming invested in hearing what another person has to say and make sure you understand them from their point of view.

This Black Friday we are offering one of our new programs and bonuses at 90% off. This is your chance to get in on the ground for this very special LIVE ONLINE training, The Communication Skills Experience. We are offering this discount because we'd like your help to make sure the programme covers everything it should. Launch price will be $997 and for Black Friday, bundled with your bonuses it's just $199.


Master Emotional Intelligence. Value $497. Live, online. EI, or EQ as it's also known, is the fundamental skill for great communication and relationships at work and home.

45-minute live1-on-1 coaching with Master Coach Keith Mould. Value $347 (first 25 only)

Your payment back on your first purchase of any of our other programs. Value $199


That's a total value of $2040 for just $199 - 90% off - only available for Black Friday.

In this 6-week live online training we cover the five key elements of effective communication:

The cycle of communication


Active listening

Powerful questioning

Non-verbal communication like body language

I've been where you are - I had poor communication skills and it undermined some of my relationships as well as causing anxiety and frustration. I tried learning the skills but didn't have the right material.


Nowadays we know much more about the neuroscience of communication and it's years since I developed my skills, able to write a book, speak to hundreds of people at conferences, and coach many, many leaders from solopreneurs to senior executives in large corporates.

Get a total value of $2040 for just $199 - 90% off - only available for Black Friday.


But that's not all. You also get 2 Masterclasses on Emotional Intelligence. Value $497

Also known as EQ, Emotional Intelligence is the key to successful relationships, influence and executive presence. We cover the four keys of EQ:



Social Awareness

Relationship Management

At junior levels in jobs, EQ counts for 66% of your success. As you become more of a leader, it counts for as much as 80% compared to your technical and content skills and knowledge. Without it you cannot build strong relationships at work or in personal life.

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