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Build your Communication & Leadership Skills

Leadership coaching and communication skills training


Hi, I'm Keith - leadership coach, serial entrepreneur and former corporate exec

Leading in a Volatile World

As leaders we all have one major aim - to be the most effective we can be in leading our teams and our area of responsibility. At the same time, we want to feel engaged, to get personal meaning out of our work lives and to have manageable levels of stress.

And yet it often seems as though there are too few hours in the day to do more than fight fires and deal with operational issues. Coaching has become the standard, the best practice, to help us find time away from the pressures of business-as-usual and focus on our challenges, on our strategic objectives and our personal effectiveness and growth.


A coach is not a mentor or a consultant... leadership coaching is a powerful partnership that enables you, through the coach's interventions, to find your own answers, to soundboard ideas, to explore possibilities and to tackle challenges. It is focused time that quickly helps us get to the point of the topic of discussion making it low impact on business time too.

Apart from one-on-one coaching, there is also great power in group coaching where we can share ideas and concerns with peers who may have already experienced what we are facing. It also gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and insights with others. That is why I also run High-Performance Masterminds and Business Growth Action Groups. Click below for more info


Inspired Support

"Overall an eye-opening experience. Opened my mind to tackle situations in a new way"

Bronwyn C

Financial Director

Got to the Crux

"Working with Keith was great. He doesn't say too much because he doesn't need to. He gets directly to the issue"

Mandy P

Real Estate Principal

"These sessions have accelerated my growth, personal and professional. Improved my confidence and belief in myself and the way I communicate"

Jean-Mari B

Operations Manager

Built Me Up

Let's Take Your Personal & Business Effectiveness to the Next Level

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